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Want to change the world?

Join in 40 Hours of Prayer for the “Forgotten Fourth World”

6,000 People Groups with Little Access to the Gospel


Launched globally on February 15, 2008... Now it’s YOUR turn!

“The recent Pray40! Africa held in Living Waters Campsite 20 km north of Pretoria, South Africa, was an amazing time of 40 hours of prayer for the least-reached peoples of the world! At the IPA partnership training conducted just prior, delegates from South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Senegal, Cameroon, Swaziland, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, India, Philippines, Canada, Sudan, Russia, Argentina, Indonesia, Turkey, Malaysia, Free States, Ireland, the UK, Zimbabwe, and the Central African Republic participated. The meetings focused on partnerships inspired by biblical principles—or, believers joining in prayer, Spirit-led, based on the Word of God, and working together to victoriously achieve common kingdom purposes of God. We learned what these are, how to facilitate them, and how to help build consensus-based strategies together. This was the perfect lead-in to the Pray40! where we had two twelve-hour overnight prayer watches, with twelve hours in between focused on reviewing and celebrating what God has been doing in each of the 12 global regions, and praying together for the least-reached peoples of each one. The event culminated with a time of assessing what God had spoken, and where to go from here. I want to share some of the comments:

“This time presented to me the bigness of the need—it was a personal challenge to pray into the details—it gave me a more focused urgency for the harvest.”

“God reminded me of my old calling and gave me a new calling…”

“…it was well-organized with a lot of details, practical, creative; it was a historic event in my life. I am now more committed to prayer…”

“…this showed me the significance of prayer…”

“…in 40 hours we toured the world in prayer!”

“…the 10/40 Window was useful but this time together put it all into perspective. There is a concentration there but there is much more to be done all over the world…”

“…an explosion of spiritual power was released to these ethne and it is imparting a vision for prayer…”

“…now there are no more excuses! There were so many helps so we could pray specifically, and focus this specific prayer on details…”

“…this gave us a practical, reproducible structure to mobilize prayer. The tools that were brought and used modeled how we can pray for these least-reached groups.”

“…Let there be a domino effect to push others to organize such events: 40 days, 40 weeks, 40 months, even 40 years of prayer!”

And, finally:
“I bless God for meeting you in South Africa and above all, getting to work with you towards the advance of His Kingdom. Both Partnership Training and The Pray40 gathering I attended remains an unforgettable encounter in my life and walk with the Lord. I trust hereafter and without any delay, many things will evolve positively towards the salvation of the Lost and Least Reached People Groups.

Another story from Pray40!Africa – 15 to 17 February 2008:
Six hours after we finished the training, we started 40 hours of unbroken prayer for the unreached peoples of Africa and the world. Motivated by the Ethne Prayer Initiative and coordinated by Liz Adleta and Norman Johnson, 60 people gathered for prayer using many creative and provocative helps to focus on every region of the world. We believe this will be the spark that ignites an explosion of prayer movements all over Africa for the least reached peoples. One person said, “This gave us a practical, reproducible structure to mobilize prayer. The tools that were brought and used modeled how we can pray for these least-reached groups.”


From the 23 to the 27 of April 2008, we will be hosting the sixth Revival Prayer Impartation Conference at the Full Gospel Mission premises here in Buea, Cameroon, as a tool to mobilize the Church to Pray for the Spirit of Grace and of Supplications as mention in Zachariah 12:10, through this, the Church here can take up a renewed mandate to pray for the land and for the least reached and unreached people groups, see for some photos of previous conferences. We are trusting for an attendance of up to four hundred persons with resource persons coming from Cameroon and other Countries. Could you pray with us that He will be glorified in this coming event and all needs will be provided prior to start of conference - you may also prayerfully consider your participation. Also pray for the “Ethne to Ethne Africa Partnership” for God to give the wisdom and direction to proceed especially just coming from the Pray40 event. “ – Marcellus Mbah, Revival Prayer in Cameroon

Thank you for praying for the launch of Pray40!
Now it’s YOUR turn…